Rituals of Low Fantasy

Spells are useful… somewhat hazardous in Low Fantasy Gaming, what with the Dark & Dangerous check, and limited to no higher than level six spells. Spells are hazardous and limited, but useful.

Sometimes, you need a bit more. The Ritual Magic spell lets you create persistent magical effects, at a cost (1 point of Constitution as long as the effect lasts, ouch). Expensive, and still limited.

Rituals of Low Fantasy provides an alternative to the Ritual Magic spell that expands on its capabilities, while adding other limitations to keep things in check. With Rituals of Low Fantasy you will be able to…

  • … create persistent magical effects, as the Ritual Magic Spell;
  • … exceed normal spell level limitations, casting spells beyond sixth level;
  • … even use magic without being a spell caster!

There are other checks and balances in place. Rituals often include elements that are not easily satisfied during adventures at all, and many have hazards all their own.

Rituals of Low Fantasy cover
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